Becoming an Uber Driver FAQ

What are the minimum requirements?

The minimum requirements for becoming an Uber driver are as follows –

  • You must have a licence
  • You must be eligible to drive
  • You must have your own car

What type of licence do I need?

Uber taxis are private hire vehicles. This means they can only be pre-booked and cannot be hailed from the street. This being the case you need to obtain a private hire taxi driver’s licence before you’re able to work as an Uber driver.

The requirements for getting a private hire licence will vary depending on the city you want to work in.

What type of car do I need?

In order to work as an Uber driver you’ll need to have a car that meets their requirements. The requirements vary slightly depending on whether you want to work in London or elsewhere. The requirements for driving an Uber taxi in London are that your car must be 2010 or newer and have 5 passenger seats. The vehicle must also be free of any cosmetic damage and not have any commercial branding.

The same applies for Uber drivers outside of London except you can have a vehicle that’s 2008 or newer.

What type of cover will I need?

Working as an Uber driver will also require you to have your own insurance. Uber insurance is essentially private hire insurance so that’s what you’ll need to get. There are many excellent websites where you can get quotes for Uber insurance so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a policy.

How can I save money on Uber insurance?

Below are some excellent ways you can save money on Uber insurance –

  • Pay for the policy annually – If you can pay for your policy annually rather than monthly then this can be an excellent way to save money. Although you do pay more upfront, most insurance providers will give you a good discount for doing this.
  • Get a third party policy – A third party policy is always cheaper than a comprehensive policy. Although you won’t have much protection for your own vehicle with a third party only policy, it will make your cover much cheaper.
  • Secure your vehicle – Any steps you can take to make your vehicle more secure will help you to save money on Uber insurance too.
  • Shop around – Getting quotes from a lot of different providers is essential if you want to save money on Uber insurance.