Ways You Can Make Money With Your Own Van

Vans are an extremely common site on UK roads. If you’ve ever considered investing in a van as a way to make money then you’re not alone. Although many skilled tradesman such as plumbers or electricians, make use of a van; there are also ways to make money with a van that don’t require a lot of expertise or training.

Below are the two most obvious ways you can make money when you have your own van as well as some information on the practical considerations of owning a van.


Working as a freelance courier is a very obvious way that you can start making money immediately when you have your own van. You can either choose to find your own clients or work as a freelancer for a major company. Finding your own clients can be tough when you’re first starting out so it’s a good idea to have a few connections before investing in a vehicle.


Image result for furniture removal

Removals is another type of work that you can do when you have your own van. The one downside to this type of work compared to deliveries is that you’ll probably need another person to help you and it’s only really suitable if you’re strong and in good physical shape since you’re likely to be moving a lot of heavy furniture around.

Practical considerations

When investing in your own van, you need to think about the practical considerations of owning such a vehicle. These include –

  • Initial investment & running costs – Vans are generally quite expensive to buy and the running costs can soon add up. This is why most people will only buy a van if they know they’re able to make a decent living from it.
  • Insurance – If you decide to work as a courier then you’ll need to get the right type of insurance policy from a site such as Insure the Courier. A good courier insurance policy will cover you for road risks as well as goods in transit and liability claims.
  • Parking – In order to keep your van safe, you’ll certainly want to have somewhere safe to park it. Ideally you’d have a garage but failing that a drive would be adequate. There are plenty of people who park their van on the street but it is at a greater risk of theft and your insurance will cost more.