Working as a Freelance Recovery Truck Driver

With the job market being as competitive and unstable as it is right now, a lot of people are looking for ways to make their own money. There are many freelance career options available but if you enjoy driving and like doing physical work then becoming a freelance recovery truck driver could be the perfect choice for you.

Below are some of the main practical considerations of becoming a freelance recovery truck driver.

Getting a recovery truck

The first and most obvious step is getting a recovery truck. There are many sites that you can buy used recovery trucks, with eBay and AutoTrader being two obvious ones. Recovery trucks can range quite a lot in price depending on their age and how many cars they can hold. If you’re just starting out then it’s better to buy at the lower end of the market. You can always upgrade later when you’re sure you’ve got plenty of work.

Finding customers

Finding customers is one of the trickiest parts of working in any kind of freelance capacity. There are websites where you can find driving work but they’re generally competitive and you’ll have to bid low in order to win the job a lot of the time.

As with any type of work, your aim should be to build loyalty and get repeat business.

Getting cover

When you have a recovery truck, you’ll need to get it covered with a recovery truck insurance policy. You can get recovery truck insurance quotes from an truck insurance comparison site like Clean Green Cars Recovery Truck Cover

Below are some of the main types of cover typically found in a recovery truck insurance policy –

  • Road risks – Road risks are a vital part of insurance for any type of vehicle. You can choose from the usual options of third party; third party, fire and theft; or fully comprehensive cover.
  • Public liability – Cover for liability claims is a must when you’re working with the public. With public liability insurance you’ll be covered for liability claims and can also have legal expenses included.
  • Loss of licence – If you were to lose your licence for a period of time then this type of additional cover would ensure that you’re compensated until you were able to get it back.
  • Breakdown assistance – Recovery vehicles themselves also sometimes breakdown and need to be recovered so getting breakdown assistance is always recommended.