What Does it Take To Become a London Black Cab Driver?

When most people think of London they picture iconic images that are associated with the capital – Westminster, The London Eye, Tower Bridge etc. Black cabs fit into this category for sure. The UK’s capital is full of the classic black cabs that have changed very little in design since the 60s.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a black cab driver in London then below are the requirements you need to meet.


The most obvious thing you need in order to drive a black cab in London is a taxi driver licence. In order to apply for a licence, you need to meet the following criteria –

  • You must be at least 18 years old  (Although you can apply for a taxi driver licence from the age of 18, you cannot actually be licensed to work until the age of 21. There is no upper age limit providing you’re physically fit enough to work.)
  • You must hold a full UK or EU driving licence
  • You must be eligible to work in the UK

Above are only the most basic requirements you need to meet in order to apply for a licence. You must also pass a strict medical test, have no major convictions and be of good character.

Click here for full details on the requirements for becoming a London black cab driver.

Other practical considerations

If you’re eligible to apply for a taxi driver licence and confident you can attain it then you must then consider the practical considerations of the job. These include –

  • Insurance – Insurance is something that every London black cab driver needs to take care of. A black cab insurance policy will typically include cover for road risks, liability claims and breakdowns. Insurance for black cabs can be highly tailored to suit the needs of the individual so if you decide you want additional cover for things like windscreen repair then this can also be added.
  • Fuel costs – Fuel costs are another consideration and something you should take into account when thinking about how much money you can earn in a given week.
  • Suitability – Lastly you should consider your suitability for the job. This doesn’t just mean whether you can pass the requirements to obtain the licence to work but if driving a taxi is something you actually enjoy doing and something you would want to do for many years.